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Here's What our Customers are Saying!

Brent and Claudia from Northbrook: We had the Greek chicken with potatoes tonight along with the white bean soup.  Quite excellent!!!  It's not easy to find food that satisfies a family of 5 but you seemed to have done just that.

Steve from Chicago: I made a pizza last night using your crust and pizza sauce. I added my own toppings (mozzarella, onions, yellow and orange peppers and salami). It was terrific!  Everything I have tried has been excellent! I've given rave reviews to friends and I believe my parents will try and place an order. Can't wait for my next delivery. Delicious, beautiful presentation.

Linda from Evanston:  With your help, I can entertain with confidence!

Amy from NorthbrookIt's always a challenge to cook for my family. I am vegetarian and dairy free, my daughter gluten free.  Not only has your food made meal time much more enjoyable, but the healthy options, including the hormone free chicken and fish, have made it a no brainer for this family!

Jude from Chicago: Thank you for my order. We totally loved the chicken rice soup, polenta, chicken parm, squash soup. Oh, and the artichoke dip was great, too! I toasted some of my own flat bread and used it with the dip. Delicious.

John and Jill from Chicago: Just a heads up to reaffirm how great everything was.  I love not having to cook and yet feel like I am serving home cooked rather than restaurant take out. 

Sheryl from Wilmette: Thank you for sharing your kitchen goodies ... just love everything that comes out of your kitchen ... Can't wait for my next delivery!

Sarah from Atlanta: Stocked Foods is terrific! You have really helped out my parents during my dad's illness and you have been a lifesaver for them! I love that I can click on your website, order food that I know will be homemade and healthy, and have it delivered to my parents, all from a thousand miles away!

Debbie from Glencoe: I love to cook but don't always have the time to prepare a full meal for my family.  Stocked has made it easy for me to pair my homemade items with yours to create a delicious and healthy meal that I am still proud to serve.  

Elizabeth from Chicago: With a newborn in the house and in my arms, time is a premium these days.  Stocked has freed up my time I would otherwise be spending in the kitchen so I can spend more time with my husband and the baby.  Lifesaver!

Jim and Susan from Highland ParkSusan didn't want to be too much of a fan girl with another complimentary email, so it's my turn tonight. We had the pasta, bolognese sauce, meatballs, braised grains, and the last bit of last night's roasted vegetables. Fantastic! The pasta course was comparable to the best ever experienced, and I could have made a complete meal from the braised greens. Very excited about tomorrow's dinner.

Cari from Highland Park: Brownies are perhaps the best I have ever tasted


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