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Suggested Menu Pairing

Most of our menu pairing recommendations listed below can be purchased on our website


Feta with Dates and Pistachios – Warm in oven and serve with either warm pita or flat bread
Hummus - Serve with warm pita or flat bread
Spinach and Artichoke Dip - Serve warm with toasted and torn pita or flat bread 


Marinara - Toss with noodles, grilled sliced chicken, roasted vegetables; for a more traditional dish, toss with meatballs
Spicy Marinara- Toss with noodles and add meatballs, or serve on top of baked polenta
Pizza Sauce - Spread a thin layer of pizza sauce on top of the pizza dough. Add your favorite toppings including grilled shrimp or diced chicken
B.B.Q Sauce. - Serve it with any of the meats and fish or substitute for pizza sauce on your pizzas for a BBQ style pizza
Pesto - Great tossed in noodles, on a sandwich as a spread, on pizza dough or on top of grilled chicken
Salad Dressing- Shake well and toss lightly with some mixed greens or into some couscous or quinoa. Or spoon a little over some grilled chicken or fish 


Meatballs - Serve in a hoagie roll as a sandwich; add melted cheese.  Can also serve with the baked polenta or toss with pasta and marinara sauce
Tandoori Chicken - Stuff into some pita along with hummus for a great lunch sandwich.  For dinner, place sliced and warmed chicken on top of warm couscous
Chicken Parmesan - Braised beans with tomato and greens make a great accompaniment
Lightly Seasoned Chicken - Reheat chicken and vegetables, place chicken on top of the vegetables and a dollop of pesto on top
Chicken Pesto Sandwich - Brush bread with olive oil and grill or toast. Spread pesto on bread, top with warm, sliced chicken.  Add tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and arugula
Pork Shoulder - Hit it with our homemade “‘Q” sauce, stuff in some bread and serve with the polenta.  Other delicious options include placing on top of the braised beans and greens or folding some into the quinoa salad
Shrimp - Great lunch tossed with couscous or served on top of the braised beans and greens.  For dinner, warm polenta in oven, re-heat shrimp in spicy tomato sauce, plate polenta and top with shrimp and sauce
Salmon - My favorite combo is to serve with lentils or split peas. For lunch or a light dinner, flake salmon into quinoa salad with a side of roasted veggies.
Tilapia – Serve with brown rice and braised greens or keep it simple with plain roasted veggies 


Pita - Great for sandwiches and dips
Pizza Skins - Make your own pizzas with pesto sauce, tomato sauce and some braised meats or add your favorite toppings
Flat Bread- Great for wraps with Middle Eastern chicken or salmon or Mexican burrito